Why I choose to use Laravel

I have been experimenting with new front-end technologies, from Angular to React but there are certain learning curves. I am a graduate from a local polytechnic in Singapore which I wouldn’t say my skills are very competent. The time taken to learn the new technology requires taking time to read up the documentations and playing around to fit the technology into your product.

I have gone through a bit here and there, having to plan the database design and building front-end designs, making website more responsive and etc. It really took me a while, building the front-end designs from scratch, wasn’t familiar with the CSS3 codes. I picked up LESS while building the designs of the website, it was definitely a great experience and able to use LESS preprocessors to write codes more efficiently.

But eventually I gave up building the front-end designs all by myself, not familiar with Bootstrap and the media queries for each custom functionalities. I’ve decided to use templates for the website, it is definitely a faster way to build on.

Coming back to the back-end technologies, I tried powering up EC2 on Amazon and using Git versioning to import files and displaying them on the internet but wasn’t successful. Having a lot of trials and error but does not have any avail therefore I had to stop and move on because I shouldn’t be stuck here forever just because it doesn’t work. The technology stack I wrote is a API interacting with mongoDB using ExpressJS.

So why exactly I start to chose Laravel, the main reason is because I had to build the website as quickly as possible. I have wasted plenty time in researching and development in the newer front-end technologies that might be sustainable but I’ve come into conclusion to use Laravel instead.

I would say Laravel is quite easy to pick up comparing to Angular, React .etc as it’s really similar to what most OO web application uses. Even though is easy to pick up, there are still difficulties as there are many front-end codes needed to be created even though i am using a template. The booking page that I worked on requires most effort in writing the JQuery, saving the data in to an array where it kept the user information.

The ultimate goal was to launch the website as soon as possible therefore most technologies used above are not the recommended ones.


5/85 days in Beijing BITC

I woke up with early to cook rice and bathe, so I reach class at around 830am and I am having running nose. So I went to set up the localhost android and the website so both can linked together.

After we ended class, Ryu and I went back the hostel first so he started cooking for us, which are the Soya Sauce Chicken with eggs. Then we went back to our hostel and our group 小高 gave a flu tea that i can make with hot water so i brew it and drank. I feel much better but I also ate the Zytec which made kinda drowsy.

Since we made the SIM card yesterday, we decided to go make our bank cards after class, so after the 3.10pm class ended we went to pay our rents at the finance department of BITC and went to the bank right opposite our school. We reached there around 4pm and we finish making around 530pm so we went back to our rooms. It took longer because they need our passport and phone number, it is impossible to create a bank account if you don’t have a residential place, phone number and a passport. Even though the bank requires you to write a paper with your details on it. (With english words) But really understandable as it’s kinda hard to understand like province of china, which road we are living at and even if you are a student. You are supposed to choose education as your business section you’re in.  We also set up our Alipay account as they required your china bank account debit card and I tried setting up with Singapore ICBC debit card but couldn’t work.


After we are done, we went back our rooms and fell asleep and went dinner together at a Korean BBQ. We took 619 bus to Dong Ba Zhong Lu but supposed to take 553 to there but had to walk a bit and cross the street. Then we bought our breakfast and went to the supermarket before heading back to the hostel.

4/85 days in Beijing BITC

So practically this morning i woke up at 7:15am and went to bathe till like 7:30am and went to check if Aloy and them woke up already because we are supposed to go get breakfast! So I decided to cook rice for lunch when we are back from class at 1145am and went back to the hostel kitchen. Ryu and I went back earlier so we went to the kitchen and we prep the food for cooking which are eggs and sausages. There were left over chicken but we it taste sour already therefore we decided to throw it away.

After we had our lunch, we went back to our class to do the normal stuff that we always do. So we end our class and we went back to our hostel, then the Xin Rong brings us to the Joy City around in the evening. Then we boarded the bus 553 to Qing Nian Lu around 30 minutes ride and there were a little traffic jam. When we reached the place, we went around to find the corporate china mobile store where we can register the SIM card. The previous time i came to Beijing, the tour guide bought the cards for us but she charged us around $100 RMB for just 700MB data which totally not worth. But when we register the SIM card, we required to bring our passport for them to verify us and it takes a process of around 2 hours where she has to fill the details and we have 6 person in queue.

After finishing up the SIM card, oh we took the 7GB data but they say the first month is usually 4GB data which cost 25 RMB. Well it’s definitely worth but we paid $60 RMB, $10 RMB is the SIM and the remaining $50 RMB is the card value.

Then Xin Rong brought us to eat some noodles at the basement where the Aeon Supermarket is at and it is a Japanese supermarket. Anyways I can’t eat spicy so I ordered some mushroom soupy based noodles which taste not bad, the noodle is especially good!


Right after dinner, we went to the supermarket and purchase raw meat, condiments and some Japanese sauces for them to cook. Then we went back to the hostel at around 10pm!

3/85 days in Beijing BITC

So today is like the 4th day of our BITC Internship programme, I was planning to do a 85 days blog which consist of what I do. So I start my day waking up at like 7 but I fell asleep after I went to bathe and while my room mate was bathing. So we got out of the rooms and went down at 815am and we went to the mini mart opposite our hostel to grab some drinks.

So we went to our classes, we were tasked to get our Android & Web app up on the server but we are really unexperienced with the stuff we are doing because we are used to do our android app with android studio but we were told to use Eclipse and MySQL, we also used MySQLite when we first started learning android in NYP.

And we successfully able to get them working by the end of our class, we went to the supermarket and bought the rice cooker and frying pan for our dinner. We bought spaghetti and sausages, our chef Ryu and Aloysius cooked our dinner and the rest washes the plates and helped them out.


We unboxed the rice cooker after we are done with our dishes and went back to our rooms. End of the day ~

2/85 days in Beijing BITC

Well this is officially my 3rd day and we started our internships, so we have to wake up at 8:15am in the morning. In the morning their students from BITC will probably be awake at like 6am and they will start their morning run around 7:10am and they start their class at 8:30am.

So we are supposed to report to our classrooms at 8:30am in the morning and every morning we wake up around 7am and prepare for our classes. We started our day installing the environment of the software such as Eclipse, Java SDK, Tomcat, MySQL, we thought they would use the Android Studio but ended up using the Eclipse tool to build their Android Apps. So we are technically learning from scratch and their notes are in mandarin which makes things even harder for us. Even though how tough it is, we will get through it!


So the first class ended around 11:45am and we have to be back in class by 1:30pm for the second half of the class. So as we end our first half, we wanted to grab some lunch but the canteen is full of students and we decided to walk to supermarket opposite to get our lunch instead but we ended getting a duck/goose leg (is cooked) and brought back to our hostel have our cup noodle lunch at the rooms outside.

We finished our lunch and we went back to the classroom trying to figure out how to get the eclipse to work on our laptops which quickly resolved when we airdropped the files to our computers. So we also took the copy of the project we have to work on which is like an Auction App where both parties which are the client and the consumer can use the app and the website. So we have to modify the app and add additional features to the app.

After we finished our lessons, we went back to our hostel to rest and we went for run at the track, I finished 2 rounds which is like 800m and others went for like 3 to 4 rounds! Then we went to have our dinner, we wanted to check out the old places that we went last time during the trip that Ryu and I been to. But sadly, it’s closed so we kinda walked back to take the bus to GEM mall and have our dinner. We choose McDonald’s as our dinner and we settled down to get our meals. I bought a grilled chicken meal with Coke and fries!


And we had our group photo too! But Ryu face kinda being cut off! Haha then we back to our hostel around 9:30pm!





1/85 Days in Beijing BITC

Not exactly 1 out of 85 days, so begin with I got this oversea attachment program during my mid semester. I went for 2 interviews, one was the Germany internship in one of their universities and another is the BITC interview. So here I am here in BITC again and I was back here for 3 months. I wrote a post before on what I did but I didn’t continue because it’s very length therefore I just posted half of it. Well, let me talk about what I did before I came into the Beijing, China. So past few days before the flight, I worked for the Singapore Night Festival for 3 days and other remaining days were packing and going out with my girlfriend and friends.

So on the final day which is my flight day, I woke around like 9am and went to get my slippers because my slipper kind of torn because I used to play basketball. And went to deposit money, oh we also use the ICBC bank which is usable in Beijing and most malls does have that ATMs. Because we didn’t want to bring large amount into the country therefore we decided to put the cash there so when we need just put withdraw them.

Before going china, I also researched on the VPNs’ that are available so ExpressVPN is one the most reliable ones that I have been using since last year when I was in Beijing BITC as well. It does come with a cost, which is like $12.95 a month uh but I have put my referral link on the group where all my fellow friends who are travelling with me so they can buy the VPN together and 30 days free extra!

So I kind of got 60 days free which is like 2 months of free VPNs. Getting back on track, my flight was like 1am and so I took the cab at around 630pm on 1 September 2017 which I was going to meet my friends for dinner at Changi Airport with my girlfriend. So we picked Pasta Mania which is Halal and suits most of our taste. So my family and my best friends came down to send me as well! I was so glad my old friends which we bonded together since in ITE came too which I am really grateful and my best friends which I sees them everyday but still. My girlfriend who stayed by me who support me for this 3 months internship and not blaming me for leaving to Beijing and lastly my family we came down even though they were extremely tired after their work.

So we went in around 1145pm and we boarded on flight at 1245am on 2nd September 2017. I book the seats which at the side and Ryuichi sat behind me, luckily Yan De and Aloysius also had the seats that were right beside me. Then we flew and reached at like 7am but we came out of the airport at 8am plus and we just met the Ms Liu and she brought us to the bus to BITC.

When we were at the BITC, we met 2 friendly china buddies that brought us around the school which we get to look at the canteen, mini mart, table tennis court, football field, running track and the class rooms. Then we went out of the school to check out the ICBC bank was actually opposite our school and then we went to the school opposite supermarket to buy our daily needs.

So we went back to our hostel and went to nap till 4pm and we played their mandarin mobile legends which is called 王者荣耀 till like 7pm and we went out to buy our dinner at the supermarket because the hostel doors closes at 10pm so we came back earlier to eat dinner. Here a picture on the mandarin mobile legends:


So on 3rd September, we woke up like 8am and met at 1030am. We travelled out to the Joy city at Qing Nian Lu which we took the bus 553 at the back of the school. We walked out the main gate of the school and turn left and walk straight and cross opposite to the bus stop. Around 10 stops to the Joy City and we went to eat our brunch. So we had some hong kong brunch! Here some pictures:

We shopped for pillows, and went miniso to buy the things like folk and spoon, floor mat, washing nets and few more stuff. Then we went muji to get the pillow because the pillow were really low plus we get it because we are living for 3 months so kind of a long term investment. Then we to shopped some groceries like clothes washing detergent and some other stuff!

Then we travelled back to BITC and met for dinner at 7pm. We took 619 opposite our school and stopped at Dong Ba Zhong Lu and had some Zha Jiang Mian for dinner.


And went to explore their supermarket at B2 and they went to buy their Starbucks and we went back to our hostel.

That is the end of the days from the beginning of our preparation for internship in Beijing, oh yes we went to their train station to get our bus card for like $50 RMB. $20RMB is for the card and $30RMB for the balance. We bought the card because it’s really a hassle for us to take $2RMB for every bus ride to every location and find the train station when we going to those prominent places in Beijing when taking the train.

Anyways I have to wake up at 7am and be ready by 8am to meet the teacher in charge for our internship. Goodnight viewers! 🙂

New semester

Hey I’m back, i haven’t been blogging since the last time! The last blog i mentioned about the Inokim Light I purchased, which was not very useful at all. Well because of its distance although it may look decent but the battery consumption is unable to travel long distance.

Inokim light is a approved PMD in Singapore which don’t exceed 25km/hr which is reasonable but is just the distance travel is just not enough. Even if i would add external battery is just going to be extra cost and i was thinking to add a seat mount which gonna cost me another $100 dollars inclusive of the service which is the most expensive of all.

The law has been quite tight as we could not ride on the roads and we have dismount if we cross the road. The law is quite vague as there isn’t any law that says the member of public can or cannot ride a PMD when crossing the road.