BITC trip with NYP 2016

Hi i haven’t been posting anything for quite long and i want to give an update. I have just finished my Semester 2 in Nanyang Polytechnic taking Information Technology. Well, the main topic of the update is what i did in the BITC Beijing Trip. The trip was from 7 March to 20th March 2016, i put the year because it might be timestamp when i want to look back in the future.

I finished my exams within the week which is on 1st March and I had fly on 7th March, I had to pack my bag and plan what to wear because the weather there is extremely cold compared to Singapore.

The weather is around -5 to 6 degrees in the first week of the Beijing trip. We took the Singapore Airlines A380 to Beijing, yes Singapore Airlines carries Haagen Dazs ice cream. We check-in the departure area around 7am in the morning and our plane depart around 8:30am. On the day, I was wearing boots and I only brought one pair of shoes which is my boots though my luggage was huge. During the security checks in Singapore, I had to strip my boots off and place in to the belt scanner. Well the checks were thoroughly but i thought it wasn’t needed. Advice to wear slip on shoes and place your boots in the luggage if you want to wear. The plane landed at Beijing at around 1:30pm which is around 6 hours flight. I watched 2 movies and slept for hours.



As we arrived in Beijing,  the queue for the immigration was long but i believe every airport are similar as long as you’re a foreign immigrant coming from a country you are not familiar with. Haha the funny thing is this my first time coming to China, Beijing and their airport having different terminals and after the immigration we have to their sky train to the other terminal to collect our luggage.

After we retrieved our luggage, we went out and Mr Dong the BITC principal personally came to fetch us to their campus.

As we arrived at the campus, we had to move our luggage from the bus to the hostel which located in the campus. This is the thing, the hostel DOES NOT HAVE a lift but luckily our rooms are at the 2nd floor maybe because its a school hostel.  We went to put our bags and went to a place to have our dinner provided by the school. Some basic dishes that you might want to try when you reach there. Oh yes, they have soup too! Well, Singapore coffee shops stores sometimes gave those MSG soup or even MISO soup to mix your rice/noodles. Their soup is very very plain as if like you’re drinking plain water.

Hey wait before i carry on, we came from Singapore and our food are mild salt and oil which is bearable BUT in Beijing, the food is OILY and SALTY so its a whole new level of saltiness! And they always provide COKE  & SPRITE unless you want tea.


IMG_7183Alright moving on, the day 2! We went to Hyundai Motors and we learn how their cars are being manufactured from the outer parts into building the engine and finally test drive! Then the tour guide brought us to their local restaurant where the SALTY part came and they give their rice super generously! No kidding, we order like 3 big bowl of rice (Really huge bowl, those bowl that usually we put shark fin soup or those soup in restaurant)

After we had our lunch, we went to the fruit juice company. I shall just fast forward.. because they are busy explaining how the fruit is made. As part of our tour, we went to a tea house and we tried different tea and you know tour guides as part of their earnings, they earn by commissions where if we spend on the tea house and they will receive some percentage. YEAH BLA BLA BLA~ Oh yeah, if you buy 2 cans of those tea leafs you will get a PEEPEE BOY which if the water hits 100 degrees, it will pee the water out if not the water is not 100 degrees.


CHUP CHUP, MOVING ON! Day 3, GSM is part of our trip to Beijing to clear those modules. And we had the official ceremony with all the BITC colleges principles and some exchange programme.






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