SkullCandy Air Raid Speaker Review

Air Raid Bluetooth Speaker


Skull candy is known for their headphones, earbuds and other audio and wireless lifestyle products. Pricing their earphones at an affordable price in the Singapore market, speakers have been more or less of the radar. The company brings in the new series of bluetooth audio streaming Skullcandy Air raid (S$199). The rugged, water-resistant shell & shockproof still delivers good sound quality.

The size of the speaker weighs 860g, which is close to 1kg with a rubberised shell that protects its plastic frame against drops.

The box comes with the speaker itself & a USB cable for charging. It does not include a 3.5mm AUX cable nor a carrying pouch!

I have test the battery life, it definitely lasts more than 7 hours just a charge. Skullcandy estimates a maximum battery life of 14 hours per charge.

The tests I made was the music from Apple Music, from different genre. Having said that from classical to trap music & those top of list music listed. I was expecting to have a pretty good bass but I was quite disappointed.

The air raid that I had was actually having some problems with the bluetooth. Because I had used the beats pills before and the range of the bluetooth had pretty far range. I got jagged sounds after moving a distant less than 5m away and it got worse.

Overall I like the sound that it can produced, it promised to filled the whole room. It did, it filled the whole entire gym with the try. Have not done drop test but not trying.

Daryl, Singapore


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