Inokim light – my new toy

Hey, I haven’t be doing a blog post! So here’s an update, i have been busying with school lately. I took up the prescriptive elective, C++ and learning database structures. It seems tougher than before as we could relax and all but now we could not.

But, nevertheless.. I got a new toy! It is my birthday present, my last mile transport and maybe my transport to school? HAHAH! Just kidding!



I got them from PassionGadgets for $907, ordered on a Saturday and collected the next day which is Sunday. Well I travelled there without a car, sadly I haven’t get my car licence and I do not own a car. The only transport i take is the MRT, the building is technically is just beside the MRT station. I went up, phew the queue were long but it just took awhile to collect them and settle the warranty.  The staff explained the scooter and also tested the charger, took for a run outside the corridor. I left the warehouse, yes the building is warehouses so i kind of look ulu! Took the scooter out for a run to the MRT station although it is a short distant but the scooter accelerates fast for speed 3.

Now here’s the part you want to hear! I had a hard time to fold down for the first time, i finally folded it down and I had bring down to the MRT station on the escalator. Oh yes the location of PassionGadgets is at Tai Seng, Circle line. Oh gawd, although I gym.. the scooter is like way heavier those bar weight i used to carry. It said like 12.5 KG.. nonono it does not feel like 12.5 instead like 15KG!



  • Weight 12.5 kg

  • Top Speed 25 km\h

  • Battery Lithium Ion 36V 7.8Ah

  • Transmission: 36V Hub motor

  • Range 22-23 km

  • Load capacity 100 Kg

  • Tires 8.5 inch pneumatic

  • Folded 96 x 18 x 37 cm

  • Open 106 x 110 x 47 cm

I decided to push instead so I unlock the red hook below and then pull the handle up. I took the MRT, the attention i had is like I am a celebrity. Oh yes, do not bring the scooter when is peak hour or else you would not get a space to put your scooter down.

I took the MRT to Bishan and then I changed to the North-south line to Ang Mo Kio, I went out to take away my lunch which is at drive thru McDonald’s and carry the scooter to the counter to order. I dare not place my new baby outside the corridor. After I bought my lunch, I went from the McDonald’s to Yio Chu Kang and then went home. It took me 20 minutes to go back home. I did not went full speed on some terrains and there’s pedestrians so I went slow.

The motor is quite loud and I had some front wheel problem which make a cranky sound which is damn irritating. But other than that it is fine!

I might make a review on the product but shall see the time.

Sign off!








3 thoughts on “Inokim light – my new toy

  1. Hey bro. I’m looking for an e-scooter to avoid the 1km walk from my house to the MRT. Since I need to take it by MRT, portability is one main concern for me. Does the Inokim light perform well in that respect? Thank you.


    1. Hi Vicky,

      The inokim light does perform quite well in stability but the main problem is the weight which does not allow you trolley the scooter. I suggest you to get a etwow booster/JACK hot.


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