New semester

Hey I’m back, i haven’t been blogging since the last time! The last blog i mentioned about the Inokim Light I purchased, which was not very useful at all. Well because of its distance although it may look decent but the battery consumption is unable to travel long distance.

Inokim light is a approved PMD in Singapore which don’t exceed 25km/hr which is reasonable but is just the distance travel is just not enough. Even if i would add external battery is just going to be extra cost and i was thinking to add a seat mount which gonna cost me another $100 dollars inclusive of the service which is the most expensive of all.

The law has been quite tight as we could not ride on the roads and we have dismount if we cross the road. The law is quite vague as there isn’t any law that says the member of public can or cannot ride a PMD when crossing the road.



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